September 6, 2011

The national black caucus’ recent “declaration of war” on the Tea Party at town halls across the country reveals the new depravity of left-wing politics.  Speaking to excited crowds, US Congressmen accused the tea partiers of wanting to lynch blacks and arguably called for physical violence against America’s conservative movement.  Instead of turning from policies that have caused rampant unemployment, debt and misery within the black community, the left will attempt to win elections by creating racially motivated hatred toward honest, patriotic Americans.

The truth is that claims that the Tea Party is racist are, in fact, extremely racist themselves.  The Tea Party strives to curb entitlements, wasteful spending and big government; and legitimate evidence of any racial motivation has never been produced.  By claiming that the Tea Party is racist, one is, therefore, claiming that reducing government spending is inherently racist and would be specifically destructive to the black community.  This implies that black Americans are dependent on government and are unable to achieve a high quality of life without extensive support from it.  Nothing could be more classically racist than implying that blacks are unable to thrive without government support and nothing could be more incorrect.  Big government has either directly contributed to, or completely failed to combat, extreme unemployment, crime and misery within America’s black communities.

Jimmy Hoffa Jr.’s recent speech to union workers in Michigan draws many parallels with the strategy of the national black caucus.  Instead of accepting the role big labor has played in the destruction of the business climate in Michigan and the resulting unemployment crisis, union leaders will attempt to create further class warfare in an attempt to maintain power.  Hoffa told Obama that the “workers were his army” and that they would “wage war on these sons of b******,” referring to the tea party.

Besides sounding like a soviet leader, it is difficult to understand how Hoffa, and supporters of big labor and public sector unions, can make themselves feel like “victimized workers” when they are paid more than their private-sector/non-union counterparts.  One is not downtrodden when they are paid far above market rate for performing well below market standards.  More shocking is how big labor can blame the tea party/conservatives for their plight when their politicians remain in control of 2/3 of the government after 2 years of having a super-majority.  Hoffa makes more clear what the teacher’s unions recently showed us in Wisconsin; that big labor is no longer fighting for fair wages and work-schedules, but instead manipulating their followers to fight for big-government socialism.

Conservatives are constantly accused of secretly plotting revolutions and inciting violence.  The evidence, however, clearly shows that violence is being publically incited against conservatives.  After repeated threats by liberals, without any condemnation from the president or others, every conservative should exercise their second amendment rights, not for revolution, but for personal protection.   

Sam Hale


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11 Responses to “Combating Hate Speech Against Conservatives”

  1. Ryan M Says:

    The Tea Party’s fight against corruption, waste, entitlements, debt, deficit and etc. has altered the the political conversation in Washington for the better. America now pays attention to critical economic issues and can hold elected officials accountable for promoting disastrous economic policies. On the race issue, there are elements of racism in all facets of society. The Tea Party is not inherently racist. Are there racists in the Tea Party? The the answer is unfortunately yes. Are they racists in the black community? Again, unfortunately yes. As a conservative and somebody who sincerely believes in pragmatism, I would not even dignify responding to folks who make these ridiculous assertions. Hoffa is a bully. He did a total disservice to the president when using such language to describe a sizable portion of the Americna electorate. I understand your frustrations, Sam, but I don’t think that calling on us to arm ourselves by the right of the 2nd Amendment is a response to a politically charged rhetoric that we disagree with. Conservatives win on ideas because they make sense, especially economic ideas. Use the power of the pen to make your point and hammer it hard, but I would avoid using inflammatory rhetoric. You are only discrediting your hard work and exacerbating the poison spewed between the disagreement of ideas.

  2. Sam Says:

    I disagree that encouraging Americans to exercise their constitutional rights is inflammatory rhetoric.

    Once again, I am not encouraging reveloution; but is it a true statement that conservatives win solely on ideas and the power of the pen? After all what is the origin of the Constitution and the United States?

  3. Ryan M Says:

    What are arming against? Words?

  4. Sam Says:

    Why should one refrain from exercising a constitutional right when publically threatened?

  5. O. P. Ditch Says:

    Talk is good, but join the fight at

    Organize and hit the streets for Sarah Palin.

  6. Susan M Says:

    I have been watching and listening to Rosa Koirs on Agendy 21.
    I believe since so much information is coming forward about the
    Global Goverence that the “other side” is trying to provoke overt
    Civil Unrest so there will be ample reason for a “crack down” on
    the True Patriots of America. The union joiner is just a pawn in this game. Most don’t see that they are being used. Do not bite the “hate bait”. If we do not respond there will nothing to for
    them to grab on to. Just stay informed and show up at local meetings and ask our elected officals many questions. Stay stead fast in your core belief.

  7. Dennis Sennett Says:

    I feel that we do not need to arm ourselves at this time. Let them make the first move. If the Teamsters or others attack American citizens, we can then defend ourselves with arms.
    We probably out number them a thousand to one, so I will assume Hoffa is just bluster.

  8. Tim Sampson Says:

    What is up with all the criticism for promoting the second ammendment? Since when has the constitution become controversial among tea party patriots? Gee, I hope we don’t get too controversial, then the leftist media may not support Sarah Palin for President!

    Americans should be arming themselves anyway; this is just another reason. When large organizations are publically cursing you and saying their gonna “take you out,” I would rather be safe then sorry.

    Besides that’s not even the main focus of this article, the focus is on the BS behind’s the left’s arguments.

  9. Robert Duvall Says:

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

  10. Steve Seater Says:

    These Marxists are alarmed by the Tea Party movement. They fear us because they know if what happened last November is repeated on election day 2012, they will be out of power and Barack Obama will be jettisoned from office. These people will resort to much worse and more hateful attacks because their policies have failed and they know it. Their only hope is to rely on deception, lies, propaganda and disinformation like all commies do and pray that it succeeds and keeps them in power. It won’t.

  11. Carolyn Cook Says:

    Their hate speech is merely a distraction form the truth. . .and they really hate the truth!!!